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the candidate

Paul Deakin is an animal advocate and independent candidate for the office of United States House of Representatives (TN-5). Paul was born and raised in Devon, England but now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the founder of Still Light Photographic Ministry for senior and terminally-ill animals and co-founder and operator of Sweetbriar – a small, city-based haven for discarded, lost or otherwise unwanted animals. Paul holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham (England) and has 20 years experience as an educator. His independent research into the ethical and spiritual dimensions of human/nonhuman relationships is ongoing.
the issues

If elected, Paul will support any new legislation that advances the interests of nonhuman animals or expands their legal protections. However, Paul views his role as an elected advocate much more broadly. The lives and collective fates of humans and nonhuman animals are intimately and inescapably entwined. From the economy to the environment, the consequences of decisions made in Washington D.C. inevitably impact the lives of animals everywhere – usually negatively, often disastrously. Paul Deakin's presence in congress will ensure that the mediated voice of animals will always be heard and considered, regardless of whether a given issue appears to have direct bearing on the welfare of animals
Enquiries and messages of support may be sent to the following address:

Paul Deakin for Congress
P.O. Box 40531
Nashville TN 37204

the campaign

​Paul Deakin will run a wholly positive and non-adversarial campaign, rooted in compassion and reverence for all life. He is a true independent with no ties to any established political party and will represent each and every one of his constituents with fidelity and impartiality. This includes the nonhuman animals who live with us, around us, in Tennessee’s fields and streams, high up in our mountains and skies, and secretly under our feet. It also includes the animals who are deliberately hidden from our sight and typically suffer the most at the hands of their human stewards. 

A major source of inspiration for Paul's campaign is the Native American learning story Who Speaks for Wolf? The story underscores the need for the representative voices of all community stakeholders to be heard before consequential decisions are made. Paul believes that it is time for us to elect a representative to congress who is specifically dedicated to promoting and protecting the vital interests of all nonhuman animals - someone who will speak for Wolf.
goodness and mercy

The brokenness of human/nonhuman animal relationships appears to be a symptom of a more fundamental confusion about the value of life itself. The lives of nonhuman animals have meaning, purpose and direction, as anyone who observes them with the eyes of a naturalist knows. Even the smallest carry themselves with dignity. Yet we condemn so many of them to a world of institutionalized suffering, where market value trumps intrinsic worth and the ends always justify the means. This is a great shame because animals have remarkably uncomplicated needs and seek nothing from us save our basic goodness and mercy. Ironically, these are the very things that are so often withheld.

We can do better for America's animals, much better.

Your vote for Paul Deakin on November 4, 2014 sends a clear message to Washington that animals matter and that Goodness and Mercy might just be about to break out across our great state.
Whichever candidate you ultimately support on election day, please keep in mind our official state slogan as you cast your vote:

Tennessee - America at its Best

Thank you for visiting our campaign website. We look forward to meeting you out on the trail.

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Special thanks to all of our supporters and to everyone who has sent messages of encouragement. 

Please note that our campaign is not accepting monetary or in-kind donations. Your love and goodwill suffices.

All photographs of nonhuman animals on the campaign website are licensed from Shutterstock, Inc.

Who Speaks for Wolf? from Three Native American Learning Stories by Paula Underwood.

paul deakin, a candidate for the animals